Best 5 Child Craft Cribs Reviews With Buyer’s Guide

Getting your baby, a crib can be a tough choice because you may need to look for the one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Thus, to buy a crib, you need to make sure that it fits your baby correctly. Also, it should not be made up of low-quality wood or low mattresses, as it may lead to further complications.

No matter which brand you are looking for, keeping the budget in mind is necessary, and I am sure that you will find something useful in your range. It is because there are quite a few options available in the market that allow you to choose accordingly.

Today, I am writing an article to solve your problem with the ideal cribs. I know you will never be going to settle for less because it is about your baby, and you want the best for him. In this regard, you will find child craft cribs reviews as we go further where quality comes first.

child craft cribs reviews

I know you have been struggling a lot while looking for a good crib. Hence, I will suggest you take measurements of the size of your room, along with the space you need to consider while looking for the cribs.

Why? Because such points always pop, up in mind and are considered as a basic tool to help find the right crib. Let us get started so you will know what is what.

In a Hurry? We Choose Best Overall Child Craft Cribs After Our Editor Research

child craft cribs reviews

Comparison Table of Child Craft Cribs Reviews

Product ImageProduct NameProduct Information
Child Craft Camden 4 in 1 Convertible Crib
  • Product Dimensions: 57.63 x 30.75 x 44.25 inches
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Item Weight: 64 pounds
  • Color: 1 color available
  • Mattress Adjustable: mattress support adjusts to 2 positions
  • Mattress Included: No
Child Craft Bristol Professional Series Compact Crib with Casters
  • Product Dimensions: 36 x 33 x 14 inches
  • Material Type: Hardwood
  • Finish: Natural
  • Item Weight: 52 pounds
  • Color: 1 color available
  • Mattress Adjustable: mattress support adjusts to 2 positions
  • Mattress Included: 3" mattress included
Childcraft Redmond 4 in 1 Convertible Crib
  • Product Dimensions: 59 x 40 x 5.5 inches
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Style: Classic
  • Finish: Cherry
  • Item Weight: 68 pounds
  • Color: 2 color available
  • Mattress Adjustable: mattress support adjusts to 2 positions
  • Mattress Included: No
Child Craft Sheldon 4 in 1 Convertible Crib
  • Product Dimensions: 54.6 x 30 x 43.6 inches
  • Material Type: Wood, Wood Veneer
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Item Weight: 55 pounds
  • Color: 2 color available
  • Mattress Adjustable: mattress support adjusts to 3 positions
  • Mattress Included: No
Child Craft Calder 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib
  • Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 30.2 x 44.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 63 pounds
  • Color: 1 color available
  • Mattress Adjustable: mattress support adjusts to 3 positions
  • Mattress Included: No
Child Craft Toddler Bed Guard Rail for Camden
  • Product Dimensions: 51.5 x 1 x 15.5 inches
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Color: 4 color available

List of Best 5 Child Craft Cribs Reviews

1.  Child Craft Camden 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

child craft cribs reviews

First on my list comes my absolute favourite Child craft’s 4 in one crib. The brand is known for making the most suitable and conventional products for mother care and accessories. From safety, styles, and innovative ideas, the brand has always been there to introduce the best for its customers.

●      Assembly

When it comes to assembling the design, it is easy, as you do not need to spend much time doing so. All the parts are well defined and can be assembled with ease. Also, if you feel any difficulty while doing it, you can check the manual out for your assistance.

●      Overall built

The child craft convertible crib is made up of solid wood and provides a basic yet classical design, making it timeless to use. Hence, you can carry the crib for a longer time and use it for other children as well. The coating is done with non-toxic material to make the quality much long-lasting.

●      Functionality

The crib is practical to use; thus, you can convert it in four different ways and enjoy his bedtime. If he is not up for a crib, make it a full-sized bed, and voila! It is done.

All of the settings make it easier for you to use it accordingly while making the crib much more comfortable to use.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Portable
  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Solid framework
  • The paint may chip off

●      Why this crib?

The durability and light in weight feature make it a perfect mattress for your toddler. You can easily get a hang on it, and it is why you need to try this out, at least for once.

2.  Child Craft Bristol Professional Series Compact Crib with Casters

child craft cribs reviews

Second, comes the compact designed crib that is introduced to add comfort to your lives. With its five-year warranty, you can make the most out of it while keeping in mind that this crib can be a lifesaver. Also, the adjustable size makes it incredibly easier to use daily.

●      Assembly

The crib is here to ease all your worries, thus helping you out even during its assembly. The parts are not that much and allow you to adjust the whole device within a span of half an hour. Once you are done, you can let your infant enjoy his most of the time in this crib.

Keep in mind that the screws should be adjusted with great care, as it’s not about someone but your baby.

●      Overall built

The crib holds a solid framework that allows him to play in it all day long. It is low profiled, allowing the infants to jump, and lay down there. Do not worry; the brand has designed the railings with great care so that he does not fall. Even if he is trying to climb, he cannot do so due to low mattress settings.

●      Functionality

The crib is durable and comes with a mattress so that you do not have to do the extra work. With its steel strength design, you can move it and carry the baby all over your house.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Low in profile
  • Includes mattress
  • Looks trendy
  • Manual may give you a tough time

●      Why this crib?

The crib offers you a bunch of useful functions, thus making it easier for you to use it even if he’s a new-born.

3.  Childcraft Redmond 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

child craft cribs reviews

Anytime if you were looking for an ideal crib for your baby, it would be the best choice for you. From the child craft crib manual to its parts, all of them are there to make your user experience worth spending your time and money on. Overall, this specific product is an outstanding purchase.

●      Assembly

The crib is comprised of an easy to handle assembly. Hence, you do not have to research much before getting into it, and if you feel like it’s tough, then the manual has excellent instructions.

Do not worry about the railings that it may chip off, as the paint used, is of top quality, and make sure that your baby is doing great.

●      Overall built

A crib can be regarded as “safe” when the built is excellent, and the brand does not compromise on the quality of products. With the healthy metal mattress, this crib aims to make you feel comfortable as it ensures its strength.

●      Functionality

Depending upon your kid’s requirements, the crib can be converted into four different settings. It means that he can play in a large space when you make it a full-sized bed or use it while sleeping. It can do all!

      Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to put together
  • Does not include mattress

●      Why this crib?

Being one of the most demanding products, this crib has some exceptional features and great design. Thus, getting this product at such a low price is a steal deal.

4.  Child Craft Sheldon 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

child craft cribs reviews

Your child spends most of his time playing in the crib, and that is why you need to double-check the features while getting one. This non-toxic crib does the job of providing an area for your child to play there. The specification it offers is what makes it look more attractive in my eyes.

●      Assembly

If you are doing it for the first time, I will recommend you to go for this crib, as it is perfect for beginners. The wood comes well furnished with the box along with the labels. Such measures let you assemble the whole crib like a pro.

The crib is not only great at its functionality, but the instructions are simple and easy to understand.

●      Overall built

Talking about child craft, the company has gained a lot of popularity for a few years due to its excellent craftsmanship quality. It is because the brand focuses on improving the features according to customer reviews. This particular one is not only easy to install but has a solid framework to withstand forces.

●      Functionality

The child craft guard rail extender is excellent and flexible to use. You can use the product for quite a long time, whereas the transitions are worth noticing. Either you need to opt for a full-sized bed, a crib, day bed, or a toddler one; it would take no time in doing so.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Has high railings
  • Simple design
  • Easy to move
  • The Assembly process takes time

●      Why this crib?

If you are concerned about quality as well as the design and want to opt for something extraordinary, then this product is designed for you, my friend!

5.  Child Craft Calder 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib 

child craft cribs reviews

Coming in a wide range of colors to choose from, this one is there to meet your needs as a parent. It not only assures your safety but builds a strong relationship of trust so that you can leave the child playing in his crib while you are doing the house chores. Furthermore, the child craft crib parts are labelled well to assist you during its installation.

●      Assembly

The crib is a perfect example of complementation, as the details will match the vibe of your room, making it look extra cute. The crib comes in different parts and needs you to assemble it with great care. Unfold the legs and read the manual thoroughly.

Once you get it, it would be much easier for you to join all the parts together.

●      Overall built

For a small room, the design is sophisticated and does not look odd. The crib is designed using the best quality woods and well-varnished railings. The height can be adjusted as per your requirements, so don’t fear about the safety measures. Furthermore, the crib is airy, and you can easily keep an eye on him.

●      Functionality

With it being foldable, it makes life easier. Such that you can carry the crib with yourself during travelling or even if you are going out for a picnic. The mattress is also great and waterproof. That is why you don’t have to worry about him spilling the water all around.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Compact design
  • Foldable
  • Safe to use
  • May smell after a while

●      Why this crib?

The compact design makes it more functional to use. All in all, the product is pretty decent and a good pick for everyday use.

6.  Child Craft Toddler Bed Guard Rail for Camden

child craft cribs reviews

Whether you need it for everyday use or want to use the crib occasionally, the bed guard rail one looks excellent in this regard. Even if you are just looking at the construction, it is sleek and looks smart compared to the other ones I have mentioned earlier.

●      Assembly

Introducing the unique look, you don’t need to make any extra effort to install the crib fully. The brand claims to provide an easy to carry design while detaching the parts, making it portable even while travelling.

●      Overall built

I am sure that buying this product will not regret later as the design is comfortable and unique. Although the overall built is pretty basic, but for sure, it will win your heart when you look at it closely. Also, the lining is well-made, and the woods are of the pine tree, adding more to its longevity and strength.

●      Functionality

Its flawless construction and design are what I like the most about this product. While considering that it is much practical to use, you can make the most out of it.

Other than it can be carried all around the house due to its too light in weight woods and framework, the mattress is also of such superior quality. Hence, you don’t need to get it replaced anytime soon.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Great for transitioning
  • Value for money
  • Great for newborns
  • The size of the bed is small

My Pick

In my opinion, the child craft Camden 4 in one convertible crib is what I would have chosen if I had to buy one for my child. Why? It is because by far, it looks great and has the most amazing features.

As far as the installation is concerned, the manual has the simplest wordings so that it does not take much time to join the parts all together. Moreover, I liked how the brand has focused on its details and build quality. Also, I will not need to buy anything apart from the crib as the mattress comes along with it.

But what’s more fascinating is that its non-toxic coating lasts longer than you will expect it to be. Hence, it is a must buy if you are expecting a newborn and wants to opt for the best one for him.

Buying Guide of Baby Cribs

Well, it’s a fact that your baby will need a baby crib to play, sleep, and eat there. If you are going to visit the market, you will find various variety for the cribs and make you confused about your choices. Thus, I will suggest you go with a list of recommended ones to make the available options.

Apart from that, there is much more to look for than just its size and your room space. Before paying the money, look at the article below.

  • Your budget

One of the best ways to short-list the cribs out is to opt for a strict budget. This way, you can easily consider a range of options to choose from. I know you will like many cribs, but they are either too expensive or not worth spending your money on.

Now, I am not telling you to settle for less; instead, look for the best one that fits in your pocket as well.

  • Mattress

You know the struggle to adjust a mattress on the cribs, and that is why you should regard a crib as “the best” if the mattress settings are adjustable.

Furthermore, it should be at lower settings so that he does not fall off the crib. Such features play a vital role in ensuring the safety of your baby and builds trust.

You will not want your baby to lay on an uneven and uncomfortable mattress. Hence, it is essential that the mattress is soft, smooth, and dense, and is waterproof. If the crib does not offer a mattress, make sure that you are getting the right size separately that fits in the crib as well.

  • Framework

I am aware of the fact that you are looking for something that would not let you regret your choices later. It means a solid framework is a must. Ask the retailer about the build quality or the wood used. Also, don’t forget to inquire about its premium non-toxic finishes.

It would be great if you are checking for the transitions. Such features enable you to convert it in different ways and let you use the product for multiple functions. Double-check the features and specifications and make sure you are paying for the right product.

  • The design

The design matters as well. Getting you a crib that works great but does not have a cute and smart design will not make it convenient to use.

If I were to choose a crib, I would settle for a timeless and trendy design that is durable and comfortable for the baby to sit in. It is because cute and colorful designs always attract the baby. So keep that in mind as well. The simple, the better!

  • The perfect size

I am well aware of the fact that you want to opt for an amazing crib that would fit the toddler and has more space for him to breathe properly. Hence getting an airy and large-sized crib will be your primary option.

Let me remind you that you need to get a crib that would easily fit into your room while keeping that cozy vibe all around. For this, measure the size of your room first and then look for the right place to place the crib.

Later on, check the dimensions of your favourite crib and order the one that looks extremely cute and ranges well in that particular area. If not, then you may need to get it exchanged or compromise the space for a crib.

Moreover, a foldable crib can be a better option in terms of space-saving techniques or if you have a small room.

What else should you look for while buying a beautiful crib?

Furthermore, there are a few that every parent should keep in mind as they are concerned about the comfortableness and safety of the baby.

  • The railings should be long enough so that the baby does not fall off the crib even if he is trying to jump out of it.
  • The mattress is well-sized and does not leave spaces at the side of the crib.
  • The bars of the crib is not extra-large or more remarkable in width. If they are wider, it may be difficult for your baby to play there all day long.
  • The brand has focused on safety measures and has come up with a unique and innovative designed crib.
  • The glue is well-made and is of excellent quality. If not, the wood may fall off the crib and cause harm to your baby.
  • The paint is done with great efforts and does not peel off anytime soon. It gives an odd appearance to the crib that does not look appealing anyway.
  • The crib should be portable and movable. Look for the cribs that have wheels attached to it. This way, you can move it to all-around your house and even outdoors. They add portability and enhance user experience.
  • The screws attached to join the parts are tight enough to hold and bear your child’s weight.

What is the safest crib for a baby?

The non-toxic cribs are the safest option when it comes to buying a crib for him. The crib should be easily convertible and does not give you a tough time doing so. A foldable crib is a plus point, as it makes it portable and travel-friendly to use.

Keep in mind that the cribs need to have labeled parts. It makes their assembling much easier. If not, then you may need to go through the manual entirely or ask for someone’s help.


Congrats if you’ve made it till the end. Well, this article had a bunch of information that will help you choose the best option out there in the market. In this article, I have mentioned child craft cribs reviews while writing about the most suitable options.

Not all of the products are great, but it will make you fall in love with the specifications and its look. Now, I will suggest you make a list of what you need in a baby crib and then go for the customer reviews. This way, you will dig into the product and catch the idea about parenting, as it’s not an easy job.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, and it was useful to you somehow. I will meet you in my next article. Till then, go and shop for your baby!


Are acrylic cribs safe?

Acrylic cribs are not just safe but are eco-friendly as well. They look great and help you keep an eye on the baby all day as well.

Where are child craft cribs made?

The child craft cribs are known to provide comfort to American families. The cribs are made well and come with a timeless design.

Where do you find the model number on a crib?

If the model is old, look for its number at the bottom side. There are a few cribs that have a sticker on the underside or at the foot-header.

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